About Me

In my opinion, I was lucky enough to evolve at the right moment when the clash between classic and digital photography happened. I got the best of both worlds.

I got my skills formed in the “old fashion” film photography, that
actually survived pretty well a few years after I started, especially on the medium and large format advertising photography, where digital couldn’t match yet. There you should really understand the camera and light physics, and know very well what you were doing with the complete manual settings, in order to get a good image.

But at the time when I was starting that, I was already mastering Photoshop and digital post-production, so I had no problem in becoming good friend with the newly digital opportunities, and understanding from the beginning their advantages and their limits.

Style & Beliefs

As I was previously trained in Fine Arts, having exhibitions and
even teaching art classes in various occasions, plus the advertising work I was doing, somehow photography came naturally to me. I found it to be just a different way to explore my art skills.

Photography means Art, Composition, Message, Color,
Suggestion, Talent, Aspiration & Inspiration, it means The Power
to Stop Time Itself in one, single moment, in a way that it’s
defining for a whole perspective.

A good photography should be rather “felt” than seen.

Area of Expertise

While working mostly as an advertiser, naturally the main focus of my photography projects goes into advertising photography, ranging from food & drinks photography, contextual product photography, automotive, up to complex advertising scenes involving characters, extended post-production & 3D mix.

On a personal level I feel best with extended and more-complicated-than-average art projects, including photo stories, fine art photography, art portraits and, in general, images that should have a deeper message behind of the front appearance.

The IWCB Project


For the IWCB 2018 edition we proudly backed up our friends & partners from IWCB | VINARIUM, providing them with full support, starting with creative concept and photo shooting, and finishing with all the graphic layouts needed for the contests’ support materials, both digital and printed.

Model: Madalina Buftea | Make-up & body painting: Jana Ceban
All rights reserved.

The ARVAL Project Gallery


The above series, shot on both studio and various locations, was meant as a hybrid between commercial & fashion photography, with a touch of art. The challenge was to take some of the people at Arval, one of our Clients, and make a series of photo sessions with the members of their own team posing as fashion models, designers, tailors, make-up artists and other fashion related positions, all glued together under a 10 years anniversary album concept – “We are the Trendsetters!”

Art For Sale


Happy Students

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- Rakib Hasan

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